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Spike 1

January 3, 2012

So this is what a twitter spike looks like. Interesting.

My first twitter spike

Apparently, my dedication to be un-certifiable gained me some reputation, although this was not intended.

Again, this is a private blog, meant only to record my own learning experience. Got to watch out for those backlinks…

Anyway: I’ve not written this blog the way I originally intended to write it.. that is.. actually DOCUMENTING what I have learned and what I am working on at any given time. Hope to remedy that now.


Finally finished Robert C. Martin’s the Clean Coder. It was awesome. Recommend to both testers and developers. Sharing now.

Started reading on motivation and talent; especially Geoffrey Colvin’s Talent Is Overrated has spiked my interest. The phrase of the week is Deliberate Practice. The goal of the year is how to apply it to software testing.


Started following Mark Crowther and Mark Tomlinson today.

Wrote a lengthy article of my own (no, not this one).

Also: switched my rammstein for 10 episodes of TWiST to listen to while I commute to the office and back (requires basic membership, which is free).


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