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A day in the life of an aspiring rapidtester

January 9, 2012

Thought it would be a great idea to share a day of the life of an aspiring rapidtester.
Minute tasks and social interactions omitted:

This being a Sunday, get up at 12. Have breakfast.

Listen to an episode of softwaretestpodcast while commuting to the office.

Arrive at 2pm with two bottles of energy drinks. Work your way through emails(~5), tweets (~20) and blog posts (~3) that accrued while you were sleeping.

Notice your secret blog has been referred to with your name attached, so decide to scrap the idea of an anonymous presence and to work on quality instead.

Post an update referring to your actual blog.

Fields of interest at the moment are social interactions and performance testing, so start with a chapter of Dale Carnegie.

Meanwhile notice that Scott Barber’s new book on load testing is actually available for free. Be amazed for a while. Then GET IT.

Also get the October issue of Testing Circus that you haven’t read yet for some reason.

Read a chapter or two of Geoffrey Colvin’s Talent is Overrated.

Then proceed to read the Testing Circus issue; pause at page 14 to add book recommendations to amazon wish list. Smile, because you’ve read two of the four books already.

Know that you should do some writing yourself; postpone it since you’re not feeling creative. Proceed to read a few of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People instead.

Finish with the Testing Circus issue. Notice that Lanette Creamer’s blog is not in your Google Reader, so you add her.

Get to two thirds of Web Load Testing for Dummies and remember that your boss told you to practice using jMeter; him being a role player, proceed to write an inquisitive letter asking him to play the role of the customer. Spend 20 minutes thinking about questions you would like him to answer and to ask for feedback of what you missed.

Notice that it’s already 10pm and start walking to the girlfriend’s house for tea and cookies (got to love tea and cookies). Listen to the latest TWiST episode en route.

Get home at 1am after another episode of softwaretestpodcast and find something to eat. Read the last 30 pages of Whittaker’s How to Break Software; knowing all too well that the guy has probably changed his mind about most of what he wrote there.

Start with Collin’s Tacit and Explicit Knowledge, only to realize that it’s too demanding a read at 3am.

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