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Pomodoro and other things

Started using a pomodoro time management app for android today. Got 6 tomatoes so far.

Also managed to get my unread blog posts in google reader to an all-time low – less than 30. This seems to lead to the conclusion that I haven’t added enough new feeds lately – which is not true!

Also, the other great blog got it’s own domain a few days a go.

Now I feel like a tornado.

Also, started using library thing. Need to read more books…


Hydra learning

So this is how the passive part of my learning process looks like:

1. I READ.

2. Every once in a while I click on a link inside the text or look at a reference – which means now I have another article, blog or book on my hands.

Usually… almost always.. every source of information has more than one hyperlink or reference.

On a slow day, I add at least one book to my amazon wish list. I get another two online. I add at least one new blog to my Google Reader. I bookmark at least one new YouTube video on something testing related. I feel like I’m battling a hydra. Feels good though.

Michael Bolton tweeted about Iain McCowatt’s blog today (thanks for the recommendation); found something I can truly relate to.

Edit: read the enitre blog. Liked it. Subscribed.

Another status update

Forgot to add:

  1. Lately, I’m so excited about learning stuff that I can’t fall asleep at night (and by night I mean 6am in the morning)
  2. Book related updates:
    • Just started:
      1. Robert C. Martin – The Clean Coder (footnote on page 1 is so hilarious I’m convinced I’m going to enjoy this a lot)
      2. Geoff Colvin – Talent is overrated (as recommended on Pekka Marjamäki’s blog )
      3. Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People (a classic)
    • Still reading:
      1. James A. Whittaker – How to break software (still pretty good stuff)
    • Just finished:
      1. Jean Webster – Daddy-Long-Legs (If you’re puzzled as to how this associates with better testing then english was probably not the third language you learned to speak

Edit: There is a nice inconsistency in WordPress (editor vs. actual view). This is how the above text looks in the editor (notice the look of the “bullet points”):

How the above posts looks in WordPress Editor View

Christmas time

Christmas time has been very unproductive so far. It’s difficult to get any learning done between social commitments.

Managed to play a few board and card games on christmas eve though; I generally regard learning new stuff – that is, new systems? – as a good way to hone my skills.

Also discovered another awesome blog. The guy has a few good posts of becoming an expert; which is kind of my goal. Lots of material for an article I’m currently working on.

Also got a few new books; though I won’t discuss them in detail until I’ve actually read them.


Got a few new testing related books and about 10 must-get book recommendations to my wishlist. Lots of work to chew on.

Also, got sidetracked by Alan Page’s awesome automation exercise that promted me to delve into the magical world on desktop application GUI automation. Since I usually only feel at home in web environments, stuff was strange at fist. Googled around and asked for help from friends until I was directed to AutoIT.. awesome stuff. Got my automation script up and running in 15 minutes. OpenOffice spreadsheet needs more functionality for dealing with 50.000 rows of data though.


Fly by night

So I left the office at 4am yesterday. Got a lots of reading and writing done. Managed to steer myself away from any distractions.

Slept till 3 in the evening.

Got back on the horse and it’s 2am at the moment.

Today has proven not be as productive though. Had to watch a movie and read half of a novel to clear my mind for a bit. Then managed to publish a proper article and start two new ones. Scribbled in my Moleskine. Spent some time on Skype with other testers. Read all the tweets and forums posts I had been neglecting for a the past few days.

Still have an email to write, and then I’m done for the day.

Also promised myself to take tomorrow off. Books are allowed though.

Your Rapid Tester to be…

-the rapidtester


P.S. SEO stuff has proven to be quite interesting. Always good to keep in mind that a seach engine can also be a user of a website – and an user with quite different requirements than your average John Doe Happypath.

SEO testing…?

SQA forums has a thread on SEO testing… if such a thing exists at all. I guess it does.

So I decided to learn more about Search Engine Optimization, which is turned out to be quite interesting. Also tweaked the company website using woorank and its awesome chrome extension (TRY IT!!!).

In other news:

nothing, really. Been reading and watching online videos in my native elvish tongue. Still working on them proper blog posts, but writing is so much harder if you actually have to think about what you are going to say. Since the other great blog STILL doesn’t have its own domain yet I guess I’m in no hurry. Now I know how to do some SEO stuff to the domain once I have it though 🙂